Add An Extender Wanderandlust
Add An Extender Wanderandlust
Add An Extender Wanderandlust

Add An Extender

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Not sure what length you want for your necklace or bracelet? Then an adjustable chain extender is a great option for you! We now offer 2" extension chains in high-quality 14K Gold-Fill & Sterling Silver

EXAMPLE: if you order a necklace at 18", and you purchase an extender for an additional 2", you will get a necklace that has length options from 18"-20".

-There is a clasp at the end, so it can be attached and removed off the chain.
-You can take the extender off the bracelet or necklace if you don't need it.
-You can use it on other necklaces or bracelets.

-The bracelet or necklace chain is all one piece with the extender.
-This leaves a streamlined look as it does not come with the extra clasp.

This piece was handcrafted and designed with high-quality metals by our talented artisans + artists in the USA. Every romantic design was created with everyday life in mind to be paired with other styles effortlessly to complete your look. Our goal is to bring a detail of luxury to someones everyday life & be there for them for their big moments.

All orders are packaged using eco-friendly materials from our boxes to our tissue paper. The goal is for your order to arrive safely while being as sustainable as possible.

Each jewelry order comes with a complimentary keepsake box for storage, dust bag to protect & polishing cloth to care for your new pieces.

When you receive your order, please reuse or recycle the cardboard box to help in our effort to not add to the fast fashion waste.

Our fine jewelry & accessories are handmade in the USA and crafted with high-quality metals to stand the test of time. Despite our best efforts, they can still become tarnished due to a process called "oxidation". To ensure that your pieces will last a long time, please don't pass on the following care & cleaning instructions - your special pieces will thank you. 
Keep away from excess moisture
Wash with mild soap + water
Store in a cool dry place

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